Key Findings

  • Educational institutions may be the most important public institutions in Canada to ensure a vibrant and robust quality of life and economy.
  • In every province there's a positive link between postsecondary education and labour market success, individual earnings, citizen engagement and contributions to the economy. No province is failing to deliver but all show room for improvement in one or more areas.
  • There is no correlation between the performance of Canadian university systems and the funding they receive. Some provinces perform well with lower levels of funding and some provinces perform less well even with higher funding levels.
  • It's time to refocus Canada's discussion about postsecondary education from how much institutions get to what outcomes are being achieved.
  • To improve Canadian postsecondary education, we must to do a better job of collecting and reporting relevant, meaningful information about the state of Canadian higher education systems and institutions, their performance and their outcomes.

For more: please read the full report, Canadian Postsecondary Performance: Impact 2015.